Replacing your furnace during winter comes as a major inconvenience. It is during winter when we need it most. Other than that, you will end up spending money you had not planned for. It is therefore important to know the furnace warning signs so that it does get you off-guard. Read on for danger signs.

How old is your system?

heating and cooling, repairA normal heating system should last 12-15 years. To last that long, it should have been bought from a reputable company and installed by a professional. As years go by, the systems get less efficient. This could cost you a lot. If you are in the phase repairing part after part, think of getting a new one.

Is your heating bill increasing year after year?

Energy bills increase due to increase in fuel cost but still could be because of a less efficient heating system. If this is happening to you, contact your contractor. They will advise you on the latest and more efficient models in the market. This way you will be saving money.

Are you getting funny sounds from the furnace?

This a clear sign that it is breaking down. You should be concerned if you hear popping, rattling, hissing or any other weird sounds from the system. If the sounds get louder day after day, take it for inspection.

Does it shut down on its own often?

The older the system, the longer it will take to turn on. If you realize this, it is time to have your system checked by a professional. It could be because of a faulty wiring or a loose part of the system. If it keeps misbehaving, replacing it will be the best option.

How is the health of your family?

furnace rapairIf your heat exchanger is cracked, you will be risking the health of your family. At the end of their lifespan, heaters develop cracks which leak carbon monoxide. We all know the health dangers of carbon monoxide. If you notice any signs of carbon monoxide, call your contractor right away and have your system fixed.

How often is your heater repaired?

If your heater is repaired after every month, you better replace it. If you add up the repair costs, you will find it better if you replaced the system. The initial cost might seem high, but you will have saved a lot at the end of the day.